St. Tammany Parish Schools


Opening "Keynote" Address

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  1. Connecting Technology and Curriculum

  2. Theoretical Foundations for Using Technology

  3. Why is it important to integrate technology?

    1. Did You Know?

  4. Examining the NETS-S Standards

  5. What it looks like to integrate technology and a taxonomy for self-assessment

  6. How elicit creativity in the classroom?

  7. Three tools for designing your technology integration

    1. Map, Creativity, Planning

Using Wikis in the Classroom

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  1. Creation, Members, Permissions
    PBWorks Setup Document

  2. Embedding Web 2.0
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  3. Begin discussing Google Forms
    Sample Form
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Using Technology in the Classroom

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  1. Tools for Creating Student Projects and Interactions

  2. Using Office in non-traditional ways

  3. Concept Mapping

  4. Blogs and how to use them with students (ClassChatter)
    Presentation File
    ClassChatter Setup Document


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  1. Create a podcast with Audacity and embed into a Wiki.

Eliciting student creativity through digital story-telling

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  1. Make movies in less than 10 minutes, with MovieMaker,

  2. Export to WMV and embed within a Wiki.

  3. Telling the story...

Administrator’s Session

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  1. From cell phones to AUPs, these are just some of the challenges and issues facing today’s administrators. The framework of the refreshed NETS-A can guide you in becoming a visionary leader and district change agent in a digital age.

Download the entire presentation packet.