PETE & C 2011


Monday, February 14, 2011

Plug ‘em in: Powering up your Students, 2:45PM, HH Starlight East

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Listen to your students Speak Up! Students feel as though they must power down when they enter the classroom. iPads, iPods, Cell Phones – Students have them. Learn how to take advantage of students’ personal devices by putting your content on them. From podcasts to apps to PDFs. We will explore how to digitize and leverage your work.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

iStudent - Working in a 1-to-1 Environment - A Student Showcase

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Real students in captivity - see how they use laptops, mobile devices and digitized curriculum to maximize their learning and demonstrate creativity.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Effective Coaching: The Art, Science, and Practice, 3:30PM, HL Magnolia C/D

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Educational coaches can change the culture of a school. Come hear stories from around the globe on how to work with and develop a community that emphasizes global age skills. Lessons learned indicate a need for a specific model to use within schools. See how teachers and students can benefit.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 8:00AM, HL Trinidad, Table 1

Poster Session: Movin’ On Up - Taking Integration to a New Level

Come learn how to get students to effectively integrate technology at various stages of their cognitive development. Leave with ready to implement ideas and templates.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 8:00AM, HL Crystal A

Preparing eLearners Despite Lean Budgets


Despite the need to prepare digital-age learners for a global marketplace, budgetary constraints are among the many challenges that face today's educators. See how the Red Lion Area School district is using innovation and planning to stretch their resources to promote growth in the access to the tools and resources for students and teachers.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 10:30AM, HL Crystal A

The Tech-Based Science Classroom


Science teachers come and learn to integrate technology into a hands-on, inquiry-based science classroom that fosters creativity, communication, collaboration, and problem solving. Participants will travel through the traditional stages of experimentation, taking student engagement to higher levels through the use of tech-based tools.

Session Resources


Print Management Software - Papercut NG

Linux LAMP Server (Ubuntu) - Ubuntu Server Edition

District VPN - SSL-Explorer Community Edition

Blogging - Wordpress MU

Courseware - Moodle

Video Streaming Server - PHPmotion

Productivity Suite - Open Office

Screen Capturing for Tutorials - CamStudio

Concept Mapping - cMap

Mac IR Remote Expansion - iRedLite

Network Monitoring - The Dude

Classroom Monitoring - Classroom Spy, Chicken of the VNC

Web Tools

Bookmarking - Delicious

Web Design - Wikispaces, PBWiki

Office Suite - Google Docs, Zoho

Concept Mapping - MindMeister, Mindomo, Webspiration

Voice Boards - VoiceThread

Multimedia - Animoto, OneTrueMedia, Blabberize, JumpCut, JayCut

Slideshows - SlideRocket, SlideRoll, SlideShare

Photos - Flickr, Snapfish, Scrapblog

Videos - TeacherTube, YouTube   

Online Whiteboards - Skrbl, Scriblink

Collaboration - DimDim, CoverItLive, Twitter, Gaggle, LinkedIn

File Conversion - Zamzar

Blogging - Edublogs



LAMP Server Tutorials - LAMPservertutorials.pdf

Moodle Installation - MOODLEINSTALL.PDF


SSL Certificate Setup - SSLCERTSETUP.PDF