Our Taxonomy


Over our many years of delivering professional development and infusing technology into our own classrooms, we have always felt that there needed to be developed a way for teachers to determine their cognitive level of technology integration.  After much research and evaluation of non-technology specific taxonomies, we’ve developed this revolutionary model of technology infusion from the perspective of learner cognition.

As you follow the taxonomy from top to bottom, two tracks of increasingly higher level thinking and integration skills are occurring.  As a result of the increasing expectation of student independence, students will operate at higher degrees of cognition both from in their analysis of content and appropriate technology use.

Look for more from EdTechInnovators as we further develop our taxonomy model and implementation.

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Taxonomy Resources

The following templates will provide the structure or framework that can be used to develop lessons, goals, yearly plans, or identify needs related to technology integration in the classroom.
    Curriculum Map - Inspiration / Editable PDF
    Being Creative - Inspiration / Editable PDF
    Year Long Plan - Inspiration / Editable PDF