2012 Concept Schools Conference


Session 4: Jared Mader: ETI Taxonomy of Technology Integration and the Need for Change 

10:25-11:15 a.m.

Presentation File: ETI_Taxonomy.pdf

Come learn how to get students to effectively integrate technology at every stage of their cognitive development. We have created a taxonomy of technology integration and a toolkit of instructional design tools that will allow you to build lessons that focus on your curriculum through the use of digital-age tools and skills by your students.  Facilitate your student's movement through our domains of integration to elicit higher-ordering thinking and innovation.  Come and see some examples of student work that exemplify the successful use of these tools and the creative products that the process elicits.

Session 5: Jared Mader: iPads for Creativity 

11:30-12:20 p.m.

Presentation File: iOS_Creativity.pdf

The initial release of the iPad and a limited selection of apps regressed our students to consumers of information. As more apps have come to the App marketplace, we have been able to re-design our iPad integrated activities to tap the creative and innovative domain of student learning by being vague with our instructional design. As the teacher role changes to facilitator, we make students aware of the many tools available at their disposal and allow them to become producers and creators.  Taking pictures and making movies are just a start. We will examine many of the apps that students will use to be creative in your classroom.